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Considering the intense economic competition in the international arena, markets demand better product and service quality and customers want more choice; Because today's success cannot be a guarantee for tomorrow's success and victory. Industries must carefully evaluate all available trends and determine a path that leads to continued survival and success. In our country, the importance and value of a proper and scientific system of maintenance and repairs is not properly known, while one of the major problems plaguing most of our industries is the lack of timely maintenance and repair.

In addition to continuous maintenance and repairs, the equipment of production lines used by industries need to be overhauled in long-term periods that can be 6 months or a year. Due to the specialization and the need for related technical knowledge in the matter of carrying out repairs, Kara Engineering Company, having machinery, equipment and specialized teams, can meet the repair needs of employers in the shortest possible time.

Considering the importance of optimal maintenance and repairs in maintaining the health of dust collection equipment, and also taking into account the importance of doing this in reducing operating costs such as spare parts supply costs, energy consumption costs, and equipment depreciation costs, it is necessary for employers to consider it a specialized activity. Leave the mentioned issues to the companies involved in the work. Therefore, considering this importance, Kara Engineering Company has created a net department within the complex to have the ability to design and implement CM and PM systems of various factories, as well as create maintenance and repair bases and specialized teams within the said complexes.