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Company Introduction

Kara Engineering Company was established in 201 9 with the aim of contributing to sustainable development by solving the environmental pollution problem of various industries in industrial fields, including material transfer systems, industrial dust collectors and mechanized loading. Relying on expert and experienced human resources and using the group's advanced facilities and equipment, this company has the ability to implement large projects in mining industries such as steel, copper, cement, etc. in the form of EPC with suitable efficiency. Also, this company operates in the fields of audit, inspection and technical supervision, consulting and industrial design, supply of industrial parts and equipment, reverse engineering and localization of parts. The expert team of this company, after inspection and audit, using specialized hardware in the field of pollution monitoring as well as filtration equipment simulation software to reduce environmental pollution, especially gas and dust caused by the emission in the furnaces, as well as the dust emitted from the transmission systems. Materials will provide its customers with solutions to reduce pollution to take a step towards clean air. In fact, the experts of Kara Engineering Company have gathered together to use their knowledge, ability and experience to promote and improve the environmental conditions in the material transfer system, mechanized loading and filtration. This company considers itself committed to the following principles by creating process oriented thinking in order to meet legal requirements and complying with technical and quality principles, as well as relying on customer orientation through satisfying the demands and

satisfaction and trust of customers:
•National and international standards and evaluation of the degree of increased satisfaction
•Development of human resources by employing trained specialists
•Providing a creative and friendly work environment and creating collaboration between colleagues in innovation and organizational decisions
•Expanding the use of information and communication technology and optimal use of existing equipment
•Improvement and continuation of the quality level of work
•Providing conditions for cooperation and partnership with well-known companies in the country and region
•Development of environmental protection culture, commitment to pollution prevention and control of its obvious aspects.