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Terms and rules of using Kara internet system services:

In this regard, the experienced and expert team of Kara Engineering Company, who have been active in various mining industries such as steel, copper and cement for many years, have come together to use their knowledge and ability, expertise and experience to improve and improve environmental conditions. to use

Dear user, please carefully consider the following items in order to optimally use the services of Kara Engineering Company's internet system.

Entering the Kara Engineering Company website and placing an order at any time means that the user fully accepts all the terms and rules. It should be noted that the terms and rules listed here replace all previous agreements.

General rules

Note that all the principles and procedures of Kara Engineering Company's internet system are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Law of Electronic Commerce and the Law of Protection of Consumer Rights, and subsequently the user is also obliged to comply with the laws related to the user. If there are future changes to the company's rules, procedures, and services, they will be published and updated on this page, and you agree that your continued use of the site constitutes acceptance of any changes.

Definition of customer or user

A customer or user is a person who has entered his user information in the registration form, and then registers an order or any use of Kara Engineering Company's services.

Electronic communication

When you use Kara Engineering's internet system services, place your online order or purchase, or send an email to the company's internet system, these communications are done electronically, and if the request By complying with all the principles and procedures, you agree that Kara Engineering Company's internet system will respond to your request electronically (via e-mail). Also, in order to inform about events and services, Kara Engineering Company may send emails to website members. If users don't want to receive such messages, they can unsubscribe from the newsletter in their profile.

Privacy policies

Kara Engineering Company respects and protects the private information of people who use the site services.

All materials available through any of Kara Engineering Company's services, such as logos, trademarks, text, descriptions, graphics, data, and all content produced by Kara Engineering Company, are considered part of the company's property, and the right to use and publish all Available and available materials are the exclusive property of Kara Engineering Company and any use without written permission reserves the right of legal prosecution for the company.

Registering, processing and sending orders

Working day means Saturday to Thursday of every week, excluding public holidays in Iran, and all orders placed during working days and the first day after the holiday are processed.

Kara Engineering Company allows its customers to place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but from 8 am to 3 pm on working days, it is possible to respond and follow up and send orders.

All the orders registered on the website of Kara Engineering Company are placed in the processing queue by sending the order code and proforma invoice via email. shows Despite this, if the stock of a product in the company ends, even after the customer places an order, Kara Engineering reserves the right to cancel the order or refund the order amount.

Kara Engineering Company is allowed to stop taking new orders without prior notice, and all orders registered before stopping taking orders will be processed and sent. Kara Engineering Company reserves the right to stop selling all or part of the products for any reason, such as running out of stock without prior notice.

Damage during shipping

Kara Engineering Company always tries its best to ensure that all orders reach its customers all over the country without any damage. Due to the safe and standard packaging of all consignments, delivery to any of the reliable transport companies chosen by the user and declaration of the consignment note (inserted in the shopping cart and notification via e-mail) means that the occurrence of any The accident during transportation and delivery is the responsibility of the shipping company, and Kara Engineering Company will compensate the damage only if the shipping company approves the order and in order to facilitate follow-up. Damages caused by transportation must be reported to the company within 24 working hours after the delivery of the order, and the damaged goods must be sent to Kara Engineering Company along with the official meeting minutes of the shipping company and all accessories and invoices.