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Consulting and engineering design

Due to the continuous need of factories to maintain and improve optimal conditions, the presence of powerful consulting companies alongside Iranian industrial employers has become a necessity, therefore Kara Engineering Company has been able to localize in order to optimize and localize by creating a powerful engineering unit within its complex, reducing production waste as well as increasing the efficiency of machinery and reducing breakdowns caused by environmental pollution, to provide services to industrial complexes in order to bring the highest production efficiency for that complex by checking and troubleshooting and fixing the problems of equipment and machinery.

Also, the design department of Kara Engineering Company can meet the needs of employers in this field by using the latest engineering software and the experience of its experts in the field of designing and manufacturing industrial equipment and machinery. Reverse engineering and simulation of parts, equipment and machinery is one of the activities of this company, in this regard, a step will be taken in the development of the country's industry by localizing the parts and equipment needed for industrial complexes.

Some activities in this field are:
•Advice on the selection and purchase of equipment for production lines
•Consulting in the preparation of technical documents regarding mechanical equipment in industrial plans and factory construction
•Consulting in the field of evaluation, planning and implementation of plans to reduce and control the exhaust dust of chimneys
•Developing optimization plans and increasing the efficiency of dust collectors and improving environmental standards
•Compilation of technical and economic plans in the field of overhaul, maintenance and optimal repairs of dust collection systems and material transfer systems
•Consulting in the field of rebuilding and solving the problems of dust collection systems and all types of material transfer systems
•Technical and economic evaluation and feasibility study for the implementation of industrial and environmental projects
•Evaluating and preparing solutions for fulfilling the social responsibilities of industries in the field of pollution prevention and control
•Cooperation in holding tenders by estimating work volumes, description of services and preparation of tender documents regarding dust collection equipment and material transfer systems.
•Designing equipment and side components of dust collectors and upstream and downstream equipment including: Slide Gate Valve-rotary airlock-Ducting-Silencer-Exhaust Gas Fan-Steel Structure
•Reverse engineering of dust collection equipment and transfer of materials without plans and drawings and preparation of the required drawings
•Engineering of optimization plans, modification and conversion of dust collection systems and related equipment and material transfer systems
•Designing and preparing work shop plans and executive and workshop plans according to the needs of each project
•Localization of equipment and parts of all kinds of industrial dust collectors and material transfer systems

Also, the set of services that Kara Engineering Company provides to its customers in the form of annual contracts for optimization, reduction of pollution, change of design, management, maintenance and repairs, condition monitoring of all types of dust collectors, and all types of material transfer systems are as follows:
•Technical audit of all types of dust collection equipment and peripheral systems in process, design, mechanical fields •Inspecting and performing Condition monitoring activities of various production line equipment and dust collectors
•Isolation audit of all types of dust collectors and production line equipment
•Measurement of process parameters governing dust collection equipment (gas and dust)
•Thermographic inspection of dust collection systems and production line equipment
•Ultrasonic thickness measurement inspection of production line equipment
•Auditing all types of material transfer systems and checking the state of deviation and material drop angle