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In various industries, especially the mining and oil and gas industries, the installation and operation of machinery is of special importance. Therefore, the most important principle is the precise design, arrangement and installation of machinery and how to correctly implement the piping of facilities and electricity. The design, installation and commissioning department of Kara Engineering Company, with its expert engineering team, provides its scientific facilities and experiences to capital. respected

investors to step with full confidence in the path of project implementation In general, installation operations include:
• layout design and placement of equipment and machinery
• Designing facility lines (steam, water, compressed air)
• Designing electrical and control circuits and cabling
• Providing executive plans according to the world's standards
• Installation of industrial equipment and machinery, cabling and creation of monitoring centers
• Start of all production line machines
• Machine driving training for production and technical personnel

All the above operations are performed by the expert and professional teams of this company, which is one of its most prominent and reliable strengths. Also, the set of services that this company provides to its customers in the form of annual contracts for the installation and operation of various types of dust collectors and material transfer systems are as follows:
•Providing supervision services for the mechanical installation of all types of dust collection equipment and material transfer systems
•Performing mechanical installation operations and setting up all kinds of industrial dust collectors, including baghouses, bag filters, hybrid filters, cooling towers, wet scrubbers, and multicyclones.
•Performing mechanical installation operations and setting up all kinds of material transfer systems, including conveyor belts, spiral conveyors, chain conveyors, pneumatic conveyors, buckets elevator, and transfer shots.
•Installation and commissioning of dust collector accessories, including Structure, Fan, Ducting systems
• Conducting hot and cold testing and commissioning of all types of material transfer systems, dust collector equipment and related systems
•Installation of all industrial equipment and machinery
•Compilation of instructions and procedures for the installation and commissioning of various types of dust collection equipment and material transfer systems.