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Today, the economic conditions of the country are in a special situation and the expectations from the new government are high. The variety of responsibilities and demands from this ministry makes it more difficult to work at the head of this ministry.

The Ministry of Security is in charge of the country's production and industry, it manages the mining sector and organizes the trade and market.

The main slogan of the year, named by the Supreme Leader, is also in the field of the Ministry of Silence, and in other words, now that we are in the conditions of sanctions and economic war, the army that is in the front line of this front is the Ministry of Silence. The challenges of this ministry are numerous, but there is no other way to solve the problems except prioritization and planning at three levels, immediate, short-term and long-term.

In the field of trade, good opportunities have been created in these years, but we still could not have an effective presence in the significant market of the region, although the possibility of exchanging money due to FATF and sanctions is a major challenge in dealing with countries in the economic dimension, but the clearing method is an experienced model and It is successful for economic communication in a sanctioned situation that requires careful planning and investigation.

It is necessary to know the markets of the region and the world and have a plan for it according to the needs and production capacity of the country, and it is necessary to form a working group from different sectors of the industry and mining, centered on the Chamber of Commerce, and even in the conditions of sanctions, it can lead to economic prosperity. Of course, in addition to all this, the closeness and interaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Security can be the basis for this.

In the field of industry, perhaps the most important problem and complaint is the tax situation and demands from organizations such as social security, and of course, the closure and stagnation of production units and the import of domestically produced goods are part of the concern of the activists of this sector.

The relationship between banks and industry has turned into a confrontation and the repayment of bank facilities with high rates has become an obstacle to prosperity and the exchange rate changes have dealt a big blow to the country's production sector, so far the government has not been able to find a solution to compensate for the heavy losses caused by To predict political developments and exchange rates for the manufacturing industries of the country. During the sanctions years, the country's mining sector was more active than the rest of the country's economic fields and the country's foreign exchange needs were provided by this sector.

 A significant export market has been established in the mining industry and there is good capacity for upgrading.

In-depth discoveries and completion of the chain in the mining industry until the end, providing modern machinery for mining is one of the challenges of this field. We used to export iron ore, today we export ingots, but we are still trading raw materials with bullion dealers, but we can develop this chain.

In the mining industry, there are also new and fundamental challenges, the issue of providing feed, gas, electricity, water and railway lines is one of the major current problems of these industries, and planning to solve these concerns in the future requires serious work and a fundamental decision.

Making decisions in the Ministry of Privacy has a direct impact on the monetary and financial markets, including the stock market and people's lives, and requires that all approvals in different departments of this ministry be measured in different dimensions so that it does not become a factor for increasing the price and creating rent.

In any case, reliance on domestic power and belief in localization should be institutionalized in the country's industry, and the managers of these industries should be placed in management with such insight and view so that we can expect serious development in the future.