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A common concern we often hear from customers is, "We're having material flow issues in our hopper feeder or silo hopper, and we've used vibrators in the past, but they've broken the casing of our equipment."

After creating cracks, if the problem is not fully addressed and the source of the problem is not found, there is a possibility of creating cracks again.

Things that should be done to prevent these failures are as follows:

  • What is the thickness of the wall (body)?
  • How does the vibrator work?
  • How is the vibrator selected?
  • Is the vibrator installed correctly?

We use guidelines that tell us how much vibration we are allowed to apply to each wall thickness. If a large force is applied to the wall, we are sure that more flexibility will occur in the wall and cause steel fatigue and eventually become a crack.

Performance instructions

 Never start the vibrator on the hopper, feeder, silo hopper, etc. empty. This will cause severe damage to the wall. Only when unloading the material, the vibrator should start working. If the vibrator works in an empty state, it will cause a lot of force to be applied to the wall and also to the weld areas, where most of the cracks occur from the same area of ​​the welds.

Choosing vibrators in an inappropriate way

 We have found in most factories that most vibratos today are wrongly selected. Often when material flow becomes a problem, maintenance personnel will go into the warehouse and pull a vibrator off the shelf that was originally in the warehouse for a completely different application; But they install it to the body and start it due to a proportional approach (weight, vibration rate, etc.).

Another way to choose vibrators is to go to one of the stores that sell this equipment and order something that they think will do their job at a cheap price.


 A properly sized vibrator that is installed correctly will help you transfer the material in an acceptable manner and cause the least risk and damage to the body and its weld lines.

We have solutions for our customers that maintain the continuity of material flow and significantly reduce the risk of damaging the structure; For this, we use a systematic method and introduce vibrations according to the body of the equipment and its size.

We at Kara Engineering Company offer a unique program to our clients using some specific process and operational information that we get from our clients (no two programs are alike because the conditions of each project require this difference) by which we can Determine and recommend the following:

  • How much vibrational force is required to effectively stimulate continuous material flow.
  • What limitations might there be due to wall thickness.
  • Suitable place to install the vibrator
  • Visit and performance of vibrators