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Considering the intense economic competition in the international arena and the fact that the economic environment continues to change, markets demand better and better quality of products and services, and customers want more choice.

All these phenomena show that today's success cannot be a guarantee for tomorrow's success and victory. Industries must carefully evaluate all available trends and determine a path that leads to continued survival and success.

In our country, the importance and value of a suitable and scientific maintenance and repair system is not properly known, while one of the major problems facing most of our industries is the lack of timely maintenance and repair.

Correct scientific and planned maintenance and repairs with modern global methods directly affect productivity, quality, direct costs of production and services, reliability, utilization and profitability. One of the most important and urgent issues that arise in companies, industrial workshops, factories and in general civil, industrial and service centers is how to service, maintain and repair equipment, machinery and devices, in other words technical protection of physical assets. The introduction of new technologies and production systems in industries requires precise planning and timing to increase productivity and efficiency, and the success of industries in production and services and increasing the quality of products depends on various causes. Having a suitable (maintenance and repair system) which is one of the important topics of every industry is one of them, and this is an issue that should be achieved through the most appropriate and practical methods, because one of the issues that can be easily and Refrained in industrial and production units, maintenance and repairs are as problematic as they are old and familiar. Failure to pay attention to this matter will cause the cost of device repairs to increase, their excessive depreciation, sudden failure, inability to provide services and huge financial losses. The main goal of the productive maintenance and repair system (PM) is to create a systematic method to control the condition of the existing equipment and devices and to optimize their capabilities in order to achieve maximum efficiency and reduce the rate of failure and failure, on the other hand, achieving other goals in In addition to achieving the above main goal, which are:

Creating and improving the technical information system as a user database.

Reducing energy costs such as (electricity, fuel, etc.)

Reducing the costs of repetitive and consecutive repairs and as a result better use of spare parts and manpower. Increasing the quality of driving and preventing waste caused by the breakdown of equipment and devices. Reducing the waste of materials, spare parts and tools.